Mountain Bike Hydration Packs

MTB is indeed a very tough sport, especially without the Best Mountain Bike Hydration Packs; you may lose in the wild mountains. Likewise, if the biking equipment is priced in terms of importance, you may have to buy the water bottle for thousands of dollars. Actually, it’s not just a bottle, but what’s inside is the real thing that any bike, athlete, or human being can’t live without.

You know what? A human body has 83% water in the blood, 90% in the lungs, and 70% in the brain. Proper hydration is needed to distribute oxygen and nutrients through the body. Plus, it allows the body to remain cool from sweating. A dehydrated rider may use poor decisions, run out of energy and get dizzy on a track— none of this makes you a good bike.

To maintain hydration as a mountain biker, you need to drink water constantly, whether hot summer day, cold winter or cloudy. However, the sunny and hot summer days require the most water consumption. Every human has a different body, but as a general guideline, 16 ounces before and after the bike ride. Meanwhile, 20 ounces per hour of water is necessary during the ride.

Furthermore, the real problem in the world of mountain biking is carrying water bottles has become difficult. The reason behind this, the bike makers are trying to make them more and more lightweight. Due to the lesser size of the frame, there is no place for the bottle, and also, there are some essential things you need to carry during biking. At this point, the Hydration packs come into play. These bags have a water bladder and house-pipe for nonstop drinking.

Top-Rated Mountain Bike Hydration Packs

Having the Mountain Bike Hydration Packs for your requirements can be a fundamental necessity if you plan on outgoings more hours on the track. There are plenty of models on the market, so to help you choose the best for your mountain adventures, here are our picks:

  1. CamelBak Women’s LUXE Mountain Bike Hydration Pack
  2. Osprey Packs Raptor 10 Men’s Bike Hydration Backpack
  3. CamelBak Octane 25 Multisport Hydration Pack
  4. Arvano Hydration Water Bladder Mountain Biking Backpack
  5. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Bladder
  6. MARCHWAY Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Backpack

CamelBak Women’s LUXE Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

CamelBak Women’s LUXE Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

CamelBak, the LUXE in the Mountain bike-specific hydration pack, offers up the Stability Belt. Plus, it has a minimalist design option for the light and quick approach during mountain biking. This magnitude-defying pack features an air director back panel that keeps things in order to provide better ventilation. Similarly, the 1.5Liters bladder performs the duty of keeping you hydrated. Both on the front and backside, you will find plenty of pockets so you can squirrel away your luxuries.

The bag’s biggest advantage is a hip pack that you can lock during the ride and has none of the bouncing or flopping that your typical bum bag owns. Besides, the big front pockets are like the black holes, which means you can store everything, yet you can still easily access it while riding.

Furthermore, the Chase Vest is a superb option for racing as it lets you carry the minimum of gears and clothing required on your back. The items you may frequently need while the mounting can be stored on the front side. Even though this vest doesn’t come with a magnetic tube holder, no worries because you can keep the tube straight down and hold it in with clips.


  • Air Director Back Side Panel Channels
  • Airflow Harness to Keep You Cool
  • Removable Stability Belt
  • Additional Fit and Stability
  • Lightweight and Breathable.
  • Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Secure Phone Pocket

Osprey Packs Raptor 10 Men’s Bike Hydration Backpack

Osprey Packs Raptor 10 Men’s Bike Hydration Backpack

Ospreys were found in 1974. Their every single product design bearing went through the hands of the founder “Mike Pfotenhauer,” undergoing persistent inspection. From sewing the first lines of customization packs to designing innovative products with native features. Mike loves his swing operator, and also he had a special bond with them. The unbreakable thread makes the Osprey among the top-rated packs’ companies. What less we could expect in the Raptor 10. It has extreme performance packs for mountain riders along with integrated hydration and ample for extras. 

Actually, it’s a premium pack that holds everything for you but without weighing you down. The winged shoulder strap design adopts the shape when you reach for your handlebars and provides superior stability Review this Survival Backpack.  Meanwhile, the AirScape technology suspension evenly distributes weight. I know you are worried about the ventilation. The mesh-covered is there for this duty.

Above all, you get a dedicated compartment for the 2.5-liter reservoir slides. Plus, the devoted ample at the pack’s base lets you store your mini-pump and other tools. The extra-deep ridged foam allows to keep the better airflow but keeping the load near to the body. On the other hand, a harness wraps the shoulders for extra stability and allows the pack to sit close to your body comfortably.


  • Compartment with Dedicated Hydration
  • 100% BPA-Free Hydraulics 2.5Liters
  • Magnetic Sternum Strap
  • Attachment Option for The Lid Lock Bike Helmet
  • Scratches-Free Slash Pocket for Sunglasses
  • Zippered Hip Belt Pockets
  • Lower Compartment for The Tool Pouch
  • Reflective Patch for Safety

CamelBak Octane 25 Multisport Hydration Pack

CamelBak Octane 25 Multisport Hydration Pack

A list of the top mountain packs is complete without the CamelBak. For many years this brand is offering a wide range of packs but with high durability and quality Check these Bushcraft Packs. The Octane 25 Multisport is one of their hot-selling models. Even now, this mountain biking pack is very trendy. It is highly reliable, lighter in weight, and also comes with a Crux reservoir.

The total equipment capacity of this backpack is only 9 liters. Therefore, it’s ideal for keeping things simple and only carrying the essential gear. A sternum strap, a hip belt, and an Air Director back panel offer excellent ventilation. The five external pockets outside of the backpack allow you to organize a few smaller items you need on your rides. Meanwhile, on the backside, you get a stove-it pocket for storing the bigger things.

Above all, it features a helmet attachment point which makes things extremely convenient. You usually don’t get this type of feature in the backpack of this price range. Likewise, CamelBak has a tool organizer with this backpack.  Together with the zip, mesh pockets, straps, and easy-release buckle, let you keep all of your tools safely.

One of the improvements you will see in this model. It delivers 20% more water per sip which was missing the predecessors. Lastly, the entire bag is BP-free and has 3 liters’ capacity.


  • 3D Vent Technology Mesh
  • Dual Sternum Adjustable Straps Fuel
  • Org Essentials Pocket
  • Quickly stash Stretch Overflow Pocket
  • Outdoor Lifestyle
  • Length: 16-Inches
  • Height: 11-Inches

Arvano Hydration Pack Bike with 2l Water Bladder Mountain Biking Backpack

Arvano Hydration Pack Bike with 2l Water Bladder Mountain Biking Backpack

ARVANO 6l daypack with 2l hydration bladder is one the best hydration packs option you should consider. Although it’s a budget-friendly backpack, you can gift it to your loved ones as a present due to its premium design and features. The roomy compartment lets you fill them with all the necessary equipment. Likewise, I like the most about this mountain back pain; it only weighs 1.4 pounds.

This lightweight pack comes with plenty of storage compartments. And also, it has a stylish look that works great for outdoor adventures. Not specifically for the mountain bike, this bag can be used for camping, hiking, fishing, and much more. The adjustable shoulder, rib cage, and waist straps ensure that you will have a stable experience and carry things easily. Having this backpack means saying goodbye to bouncing while cycling.

For breathability, the ergonomic design and mesh back panel is there to ensure maximum comfort and ventilation. Above all, this backpack features a multi-pocket and a Hydration system, which is the solution to your hydration problem. Most people don’t know, but a small compartment can store your smartphone on the front side. Arvano knows how to keep its customer happy. That bag pack has a headphone output. So you can enjoy your favorite music while riding the bike.


  • Polyester Lining
  • Zipper Closure System
  • Taste-Free Water Bladder 2 Liter
  • Medical Grade and BPA-Free Material
  • 4-inch opening for easy cleaning
  • Breathable mesh back panel
  • immediately Refundable

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack 2-Liter Hydration Bladder

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack 2-Liter Hydration Bladder

Have you ever assumed the best way to keep yourself hydrated while enjoying a whole day outdoors? The answer to your assumption is the Oasis 1100 by TETON Sports. This giant backpack offers you 18 liters’ capacity along with the leakage-proof 2 liters’ bladder. On the other hand, you get plenty of space for storing all the handy gears you want on the journey. There are 7 unique color options available in this backpack which means you can match it with the color of your mountain bike.

The hydration backpack is made of the honeycomb ripstop, which improves the aesthetics and makes it long-lasting. Plus, the pack’s chest and waist straps come with high adjustability, which lets you get that perfect fit on your body. Meanwhile, the shoulder straps have padded fitting. For breathability, this backpack has a ventilated insert on the backside. As a result, it gives an almost backless and comfortable feel.

What I love the most about this backpack is its bigger capacity. The 18 liters is more than enough for a mountain biking backpack. I’m sure some of you haven’t seen any other bag under 50 with this bigger capacity.


  • Kink-Free Sip Tube
  • Push-Lock Cushioned Bite Valve
  • Notched Foam Stabilizer
  • Adjusts To Fit All Frames Comfortably
  • 5 cm Opening For Easy Cleaning And Ice

MARCHWAY Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Backpack

MARCHWAY Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Backpack

If you have a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality, the Tactical Molle Hydration is for you. The MARCHWAY aim behind launching this backpack is to give everyone the opportunity and fulfill their dream of mountain biking. After buying this backpack, I would suggest you wash it properly. Otherwise, you will smell nasty chemicals.

The thing I loved about this hydration pack is its capacity to hold an insane amount of gear. Yes, it’s a little pack, but did you notice the Molle panels? Those tiny babes can alone have more space of gear than your regular suitcase. I know I’m exaggerating but trust the panels can easily carry bulky gears.

Due to the padded and ventilated harness and back panel, the Marchway Tactical Backpack knows how to keep you breathable even on the hot summer day. Similarly, a three adjustable sternum, a hip belt, and shoulder straps let you mold the bag as you want. One of the bag’s shoulders comes with hose clips which means you don’t need to detach the hose for taking a sip. All you entail to do is turn them into a comfortable position and drink it.


  • Streamlined and Compact Design
  • Ergonomically Fits
  • All 3 Adjustable Straps Are for Reducing Bounce
  • Foam Padded Shoulder Straps Are Extremely Comfortable.
  • Heavy-Duty Water Repellent 1000 Denier Nylon
  • 100% BPA Free and Tasteless TPU

Buyers Guide

Whenever you are buying the hydration, you have to ensure certain aspects; Otherwise, your money will be wasted. Here few factures you need to confirm, and also they will help you pick the best among all:

Water Capacity

The main motive you’ll consider buying a hydration pack is to carry enough water to avoid you drying out on the track. Likewise, the capacity will vary from brand to brand and price. The bum packs usually have three liters’ capacity, while the hip ones can hold up to one liter. Now the question: How much do you need to bring?  The answer depends on the length of your ride and weather conditions. In general, the usual recommendation is around half a liter per hour.

Space for the other gears

In every ride, the bottle is not the only thing you have to carry. You have to take several other essential things while mountain ridings, such as the type lever, quick link, air pump, tube, rain gear, tow helmet, and much more. Mountains are the place where you can’t even take a slight risk. Nothing in this world is worse than unpacking them on the trail and searching for the CO2 inflator. I would recommend you go back to holding the water between 7 to 20 liter, a couple of bandages, and small internal pockets. So the snacks don’t mix with the tools.


In the market, Hydration bladders come in various sizes and shapes. However, the most common bladders come in 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0-liter sizes. Plus, they have either a dry bag style or circular screw. Lastly, I would recommend you look for a big opening bladder to refill easily and clean.


A backpack with a poor fitting can leave you with a sore back, shoulders, and hip. So Look for bags that have adjustable straps and fit your trunk length. Usually, premium quality hydration packs have a sternum strap and a hip belt to help move the weight on your shoulders and stabilize the load.


Wearing a pack during the hot sunny day will leave you warmer. Therefore, go for the bag that aside channels for ventilation and a suspended mesh back panel.

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