Best Wide-Angle Lens For Canon

The best part of life that we all want is to store memories and share them instantly with our loved ones. The best wide-angle lens for canon will help you to make a memorable journey. Photography is the thing that inspires you to make changes in life. Travelling, small picnic parties are the best way to enjoy your life.

Going outdoors and building a connection with other peoples is the best way to learn about different people’s views and their community.

This is also a great way to get in touch with the people who are living far away from you. No matter in which phase of life you are, images are an amazing way to make memories.

For this purpose, you the best wide-angle canon lens for your camera to freeze the valuable moments. Either it’s a road trip or your family dinner, anything could be delightful in your life.

Froze the moment to make them vivid for your future self. The best lens effect will help you to get the most from your journey.

Why is photography so special for you?

Photography could be a return path to our breathtaking moments. Also, it could be fun while traveling or meeting new people.

When we talk about the best quality picture that gives you vivid scenes of your past moments, it comes with a high-performance lens DSLR.    

Therefore, an easy-to-set lens enables you to capture every second of your life. Its simple and easy steps ensure a full convenient set-up. Once you have set the Lens, adjust the desire features to get full from your camera.   

In conclusion, with a high-resolution close-up, you are able to capture whatever you want in detail. Take snaps of small objects without worrying about the low contrast of an image.

List of top 6 Best Wide-angle Lens for Canon

  1. Rokinon AE 14M-C 14mm ultra Wide-Angle Canon Lens
  2. Altura photo professional HD Wide Angle Lens
  3. Rokinon 10mm F2.8 NCS DSLR Camera lens
  4. Rokinon Cine DS DS24M-C Full Frame Lens
  5. Sigma 10-20mm HSM Aspherical Super Wide Angle Lens
  6. Altura 58mm Fisheye Wide-Angle Canon Lens

Rokinon AE 14M-C 14mm ultra Wide-Angle Canon Lens

Rokinon AE 14M-C 14mm ultra Wide Angle Lens

Taking a picture and sharing with others means that you are freezing the precious moments and sharing these feelings with others. The Rokinon AE 14mm wide Lens is perfect for storing memories.

This Lens works perfectly with DSLR and Mirrorless camera. Provides you with approx. 94 angle view. The advanced 14 elements in which ten are grouped to produce a sharp and clear image.

The low flare and ghosting are designed to decrease the light scattering, which helps to reduce the lower contrast and lower color.

As compared to Zoom Lenz, the prime Lens are sharp, light and work perfectly in low lighting conditions. The 14mm ultra-wide lens provides a 115.7-degree view. This Lens is best for astrophotography, Landscape, and real state images.

Moreover, Rokinon 14mm enables frame-filling ultra-wide rectilinear view, which is amazing to capture the best scenes of landscapes and ocean.

You don’t need to afraid about low lighting; its low coma provides you with excellent sharpness and ideal for shooting during dark hours. 

The minimum focus distance is 10.8 inches, and it works excellent in canon and DSLR camera.

Lastly, buy this affordable lens for your project work or for exploring nature. Freeze the Best moment of your life.


  • Manual Focus type
  • Fast F2.8 Aperture
  • Coating UMC Ultra Multi-coating
  • Minimum focus distance 11″
  • Coverage full-frame(FX)

Altura photo professional HD Wide Angle Lens

Altura photo professional HD Wide Angle Lens

One of the best thing that photography does is it express your creative outlet, believes, and emotions. The Altura HD Lens helps you to capture your best emotions.

The Altura HD Wide Lens is convenient and allows you to capture a wide-angle view. If you are a professional photographer, or you just want to buy a new lens for your family shooting, this Lens is perfect to go. Visit these Best Lens For A6500.

Moreover, it is flexible for wide angles without any inconvenience and more affordable for your family event.

This Lens is so easy to set in your camera. Follow the instructions in the guide, set the desire features, and your new lens is ready to give you memorable images.

Get an extremely high-resolution image of small objects using a macro Lens. Its multi-coated glass optics deliver high-resolution images without any distortion.

On top of that, it maintained full autofocus AF for capture a particular subject accurately. Also, provides Zoom capabilities without distorting an image.

The sizes of Lenz vary according to Camera size. A wide Angle is compatible with 58mm lenses. You should need to look at which size perfectly fits your camera.

The number will be marked somewhere in your camera or maybe printed underneath your Lenz.


  • 58mm Focal length
  • Manual/Auto Focus type
  • Macro Lens
  • Wide Angle Lenz type

Rokinon 10mm F2.8 NCS DSLR Camera lens

Rokinon 10mm F2.8 NCS DSLR Camera lens

Capturing the best moment is the thing that we all want. But don’t know which Lenz effect could be the best. The Rokinon 10mm affordable Lens might perfectly fit your desire.

The Rokinon Ultra Wide Lens enables a 10mm wide-angle view. The lens is designed for APS-C format cameras. Also, it utilizes a Nanocrystal technology with Crystal Anti-reflection coating.

Moreover, it ensures low light capturing. You will be able to shoot indoor without using flashlights. With the fast F/2.8 aperture, you can also shoot during nighttime. Check out DSLR Camera Under 300.

Comparatively, the prime lens is sharp, light, and works efficiently in low lighting conditions. You can shoot the best images in dim lighting as well as HD videos.

This Camera Lens is great to bring with you in traveling. The small size and light weight enable you to bring with you anywhere you want.

Besides, the Rokinon continues to deliver high-quality images at an affordable price. Best Lens for your DSLR Camera. Rokinon ensures to give you creative potential and high-performance lenses.

To conclude, make your trip an exciting journey of your life. Make your full journey video at a low cost.


  • 10mm Focal length
  • 1.40lbs weight
  • Nano coating System
  • Low coma

Rokinon Cine DS DS24M-C Full Frame Lens

Rokinon Cine DS DS24M-C Full Frame Lens

Are Images the best parts of your life? This latest version Rokinon Lens is perfect for your amateur activity.

Does not matter if you do photography just for time pass or as your favorite hobby. The best lens with the Advance feature is still your need.

A large aperture lens is designed that works efficiently in a dim light area. As a result, provides you in-depth image capture. 

The Cine DC Lenses reduced focus adjustments and lens changes. With fast T/1.5 aperture enables you to shoot indoors without any extra flash.

Additionally, allow for a smooth and salient setting for your camera. The full-frame sensor works properly in 35mm size as well as APS-C sensors.

On top of that the prime lens is best in working low light conditioning. You can shoot in any light without worry about the quality of the image.

The prime lens is combined with maximum aperture and fewer lens elements to gather more light for perfect shooting.

When we talk about shooting a video, it works properly in very poor lighting and generally provides you better quality images as well as videos.

Lastly, the Rokinon lenses provide you with the best quality and affordable shooting experience.


  • 77mm photo Filter
  • 24mm Focal Length
  • Internal focus
  • Low coma

Sigma 10-20mm HSM Aspherical Super Wide Angle Lens

Sigma 10-20mm HSM Aspherical Super Wide Angle Lens

If you love to tell the story and freezing emotions in the form of pictures and videos. The Sigma 10-20mm HSM Lens is best designed for you.

The Ultra Wide-angle Zoom has the maximum aperture of F3.5 throughout the images, perfect in low lighting areas. The 10-20mm allows greater freedom to photographer rotates Zoom ring for taking particular subjects.

Moreover, the Ultra wide-wide angle Lens enables you to create an exaggerated view between subject and background.

Two ELD and one SLD combined with glass elements for a high-quality resolution image. On top of that the multi-layer coating decreases the flare and ghosting for high contrast and color in Zooming mode.

One of the effective functions is the HSM function, which enables fast and quick autofocusing and manual focusing. This feature is amazing for your DSLR camera.

To be noted, AF will not work properly with Pentax and K100D DSLR cameras; it also does not support HMS function.

Besides, This Lens provides a 24cm focusing distance. A close focusing distance on a wide-angle allows professionals to capture a high-quality picture. Not only you can take foreground but also can capture the entire scene.

Lastly, the Lens cooperates with the inner focusing feature, ensuring front Lens rotation for a clear and better image.


  • 10mm Focal length
  • 82mm Photo Filter
  • 3.5 Maximum Aperture
  • 102.4-degree Wide-angle Zoom
  • 24cm Focusing distance

Altura 58mm Fisheye Wide-Angle Canon Lens

Altura 58mm Fisheye Wide Angle Lens

Want to be a master of the photographer? Or you are thinking to become a family photographer. This affordable Fisheye Wide angle lens is perfect for your new beginnings.

The fisheye camera is attached with a 58mm filter thread in your camera for a quality image. This lens performs excellent in any sports events and family shooting videos.

The fisheye lens contains a macro lens for close-up and detailed images. You need to attach a macro in your lens for shooting sharp and clear pictures up to 50mm close up.

In addition, the multi-coated ensures high contrast and bright image. Prevent the reflections caused by flare and ghost of the lens. Fisheye lens is designed for large shooting and outdoor activities.   

The full Autofocus AF and infrared IR are responsible for high-resolution pictures day and night. The fisheye lens gives you high megapixel photography as well as video shooting.

To be noted, the Fisheye lens size vary. You need to check the size of the lens for your camera before getting a new one.

Besides, easily screws on the front of your camera. An easy-to-set-up lens enables you to install in your DSLR and enjoy the best shooting of your family events and trip.


  • 58mm Focal length
  • 58mm Photo Filter
  • 0.35x fisheye Wide-angle
  • 0.55lbs weight

Buyer Guides

Before ordering a new lens, you should consider effective factors that help capture a high-quality image.

Here we will show you the feature you should consider while buying the lens for your DSLR camera.

Image stabilization

You should need to consider this feature before buying a lens. The image stabilization decreases the blurring background while shooting a video.

Focal Length

Different focal length helps you to take a snap in a different situation. A wide focal length provides you to capture a detailed image. This is also an important factor to study before ordering your new lens.

Ultra wide-angle

The Ultra wide-angle allows you to take a picture without any distortion. Ultra wide-angle is perfect for capturing images in full zoom in the mood.


This could be a confusing feature when you consider it while buying a lens. The lower the focal length, the wider the aperture. However, this factor gives you a bright and high contrast image.

FAQ About the best Wide angle Lenz for Canon

Why is a wide-angle lens Best?

The wide-angle lens uses focal length on a full-frame sensor while shooting for high contrast and bright image.

There is a couple of distortion in a wide-angle lens, enabling the users to do creative work.

Which Sensor size is best for the Canon Camera?

Canon camera works fast at 1.6x crop factor.

The APS-C sensor is used for a full frame camera and provides you excellent quality photo/Video.

What is the difference between a wide-angle lens and an Ultra-wide lens?

The Wide-angle lens is combined with a Focal length of 35mm or larger on a full-frame camera.

Whereas, the ultra-wide angle lens uses the 24mm focal length for a better quality image.

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