Best Travel Lens for Sony a6000 Consumer Reports 2021

Photography captures the best part of your world tours. In your phone gallery and photo album, the moment we froze gives you a vivid imagination of the last moment. The best Travel Lens for Sony a6000 helps you to make unique feelings of life.

Pictures capture the moments of the present time that you will be able to remember after a year or so. When we talk about the images that most of us save, contains peoples and things that are very closed to us.

The beauty of nature sometimes attracts us so much, and we capture them to make that particular part with us for life. Also, some events occur in our life that brings us closer to our family and friends.

However, we do not usually realize who is the best person in our life without spending a great time with him. Photos never let us forget our past activities.

Photos are unspoken stories.

Behind every picture, there is a story that teaches something. When we compare our old picture, we realize what we used to be a year ago and what we are now.

Not only do pictures contain memories but they also explain the clear view of our projects and changes that we did in the past. Pictures are a great way to express feelings, emotions, and believes. Images inspire you to move forward in your life rather than sticking in the past mistakes.

A good quality camera lets you capture every small moment of your life. Either it is traveling abroad, studying, working, recreational activities, or refreshing yourself. Taking a photo will bring a clear picture of the past moment you spend in your life.

In conclusion, the best lenses enable you to learn many photography techniques you can learn to adhere to your skills. The feature that all lenses contain plays a vital role in making art while capturing.

List of top 6 the Best Travel Lens for Sony a6000

  1. Sony- E 10-18mm F4 OSS Wide-angle Lens
  2. Sigma 16mm Contemporary lens for Sony- E
  3. Sony SEL16F28 NEX-series Lens
  4. SEL1655D Alpha Standard Zoom Sony lens
  5. Sony 10-200mm F3.5 -6.3 E-mount Lens
  6. SELP18105G PZ 18-105mm Sony F4G lens
ImagesProduct NameCheck Price
Sony- E 10-18mm F4 OSS Wide-angle LensSony- E 10-18mm F4 OSS Wide-angle Lens Check Price
Sigma 16mm Contemporary lens for Sony- ESigma 16mm Contemporary lens for Sony- E Check Price
Sony SEL16F28 NEX-series LensSony SEL16F28 NEX-series Lens Check Price
Sony SEL1655D Alpha Standard Zoom lensSony SEL1655D Alpha Standard Zoom lens Check Price
Sony 10-200mm F3.5 -6.3 E-mount LensSony 10-200mm F3.5 -6.3 E-mount Lens Check Price
Sony SELP18105G PZ 18-105mm F4G lensSony SELP18105G PZ 18-105mm F4G lens Check Price

Sony- E 10-18mm F4 OSS Wide-angle Lens

Sony- E 10-18mm F4 OSS Wide-angle Lens

A wide-angle lens is superb for taking excellent quality images of landscapes and wildlife. For every level user, the F4 OSS Wide-angle lens is perfect for shooting with emphasized perspective.

If you are looking for minimum focal length and standard wide-angle Zoom, the Sony- E is ideal for you. Therefore, its feature includes a maximum aperture of F4, and Optical Steayshot helps in defocusing of background and foreground of an image. 

Moreover, the “bokeh” effect enhances the circular operation and blurs the background for creative work. Capture and create creative images with its amazing features help you to increase your potential.

The conventional aperture blades create unattractive polygonal shapes and damage the natural color of the side. Whereas alenses designed to overcome this effect via unique design. The aperture of alenses is perfect for capturing high contrast and high color image.

As a result, a smoother and more natural image is obtained with alenses. Ed glass is one of the most effective features to reduce chromatic aberration and provides you superior contrast at a large aperture setting.

Besides, a 10-18mm wide-angle Zoom lens enables you to shoot the beauty of lands and mountains from a focused perspective. Capture the scenes from a wide distance in a clear manner without causing any distortion in the image.


  • 10-18mm Focal length
  • APS-C 109-76 degree
  • 0.25 maximum focus distance
  • 62mm Photo Filter
  • Wide-Angle lens type

Sigma 16mm Contemporary lens for Sony- E

Sigma 16mm Contemporary lens for Sony- E

The world’s first interchangeable lens for mirror Sony E mount gives perfect quality image for your social profile. The sigma lens is the best choice if you are a beginner and learning the shooting technique.

Captures the 16mm contemporary image in APS-C format with a 24mm focal length. A special affordable package is designed for you to learn the technique of photography on a daily basis.

The sigma supports two types of MTF for better performance and quality image. The diffraction MTF results in a lower quality image with an increased F value. Whereas, the Geometrical MTF measures the diffraction quality light and shows the higher value graph.

Moreover, the prime lens is the best way to experience high-quality art of photography. You just need to select focal length according to the scene, and the automatic control focus adjusts the perfect focal length for you.   

The 9-blade creates an eye-catching blur in the unfocused area. The super multi-layer coating calculates the flare and ghosting and helps you capture a clear and sharp image. Enjoy the creative work with its amazing features. This lens is amazing right? check out this also Wide-Angle Lens For Canon.

To conclude, the sigma lens would never let you miss any learning experience of your photography. As a photographer learner, you would fall in love with the art and creative work that this lens ensures for you. 


  • 16mm Focal length
  • 67mm Photo Filter
  • Wide-angle lens type
  • 9.8-inch minimum focus distancing
  • Fast Hybrid AF

Sony SEL16F28 NEX-series Lens

Sony SEL16F28 NEX-series Lens

Sony SEL16F28 lens is fantastic for your small project work. Captures your architecture work in 24mm full-frame format and covers the entire area.

The compatible and lightweight lens is always reading for your next shoot. The features provide smooth, fast autofocusing, aperture operation for a high-quality image. Take a snap according to your desire, defocus your background, and use various better workflow techniques.

The alenses features enable you to capture with high-quality contrast and in bright color. Smoother and more natural images can be captures using its Advance features.

Moreover, the distance encounter lens detects the focused object’s position and directs the command to the CPU to calculate an object’s distance. Only the middle focusing system ensures fast autofocusing and minimum focusing distance for a better quality image.

However, when altering the aperture mode to defocusing the background, the “bokeh” effect enhanced this blurred background with a circular aperture for excellent quality shooting.

The Advanced Aspherical (AA) elements are responsible for delivering a high thickness ratio between the center and periphery. AA elements are difficult to produce because it relies on Advanced technology and improves image accuracy and quality.

In the end, enjoy the best part of your short-term work with the best lens. Easy to carry and set-up feature allow you to access anytime.


  • 16mm focal length
  • 49mm Photo filter
  • Wide-angle lens type
  • 2.8 maximum aperture
  • 2.61 ounces’ weight

SEL1655D Alpha Standard Zoom Sony lens

Sony SEL1655D Alpha Standard Zoom lens

A perfect camera lens can bring so much fun to your life. Either it is a picnic party or a family event, a camera could be an amazing part for freezing your loved one’s moments.

The Sony SEL1655D enabled large-aperture with APS-C format for your small family events. A lightweight and outstanding featured lens help you to spend much time with your friend and family.

The two G lens design gives you a breathtaking experience of shooting. The Advanced Aspherical and two Aspherical elements combined with ED glass help to reduce the flare and ghosting.

Moreover, instant auto/manual focus selection makes shooting easier and more compactable. The fast operation lets you capture and control the focusing object. Buy Best Lens For A6500.

However, it is totally up to you. Select either autofocusing or manual focusing for a bright and clear image of a particular subject. The linear MF focus control is perfect when shooting a video.

One of it amazing programmable function button helps to perform primary functions. You can instantly lock the focus button while recomposing. Also, you can customize many functions using this hold button. 

Lastly, you can switch to different features for a quality image. The feature includes Eye AF, AF On, Aperture Preview, Shot result preview, or bright monitoring.


  • 2.8mm maximum aperture
  • 55mm focal length
  • 1.09lbs weight
  • Autofocus type
  • APS-C Standard Zoom

Sony 10-200mm F3.5 -6.3 E-mount Lens

Sony 10-200mm F3.5 -6.3 E-mount Lens

There are a lot of photography methods that you can learn as an amateur. The Sony E-mount 18-200mm is an ideal choice for you to capture landscapes vis portrait, sports, and wildlife activities.

With a 35mm full-frame format, you can capture breathtaking photos from a far distance, thanks to its 11x Zooming feature. This lens is perfect for traveling. Shoot whatever touches your heart.

Alter aperture settings, defocus background, foreground. Create whatever you want with its amazing and high-performance capabilities. 

Also, the 9-blade circular aperture contributes to the bokeh effect to make the best quality image for your family album. The F2.8mm aperture allows you to separate the foreground and background with amazing light capability.

As a result, alter the aperture to defocus the background. The bokeh effect enhanced the quality of the blurred area using a circular aperture.

Moreover, the 9-blade circular aperture increases the sharpness and beauty of an image. The conventional aperture produces low-quality contrast and lower color while capturing an image.

The Alpha lens is designed to produce a high-quality contrast; its unique capabilities keep the aperture almost perfect for bright color and clear image.

Overall, enjoy the best part of your every spot get full from your journey. Decide your next itinerary with this easy setup lens to enjoy every peaceful moment of your life.


  • 200mm Focal length
  • 62mm Photo Filter
  • 1.01lbs weight
  • Micromotor focus type
  • Telephoto Lens type

SELP18105G PZ 18-105mm F4G Sony lens

Sony SELP18105G PZ 18-105mm F4G lens

Do you love to go Hiking in the summertime? You probably want to store the walking experience of the summertime. The Sony SELP18105G lens helps you to learn more new skills.

The two ED glass elements combined with three aspherical elements enable high resolution and contrast with great Zooming Range. The E mount accomplishes outstanding resolution and contrast with Advanced optical design. 

The power 6x Zoom captures a clear and sharp image with an F4 aperture. Whenever we decide to change the lens’s aperture for defocusing a particular part, the light source causes blurriness in the image.

The bokeh effects reduce the blurriness of an image by enhancing the quality image. The focal length size increase, the build-in conventional optical glass results the lower contrast, lower color, and lower resolution image.

Moreover, a well-designed Aspherical element helps to reduce the size and weight of the lens. An Advanced Aspherical featured enormously high thickness between center and periphery.

The lens-based optical image stabilization is responsible for detecting the slightest movements of the camera and shifting any blurred image that occurs.

Only a middle group can achieve internal focusing feature benefits, which cause fast autofocusing and short focusing distance while capturing an image.

In the end, the quality and high-performance features are perfect for your demand. Take advantage of every moment of your life.    


  • 72mm Photo Filter
  • 105mm Focal length
  • 4mm Maximum aperture
  • Wide-Angle, telephoto lens type
  • 0.94lb weight
  • APS-C sensor format

Buyer Guides

Many of you do wondering about the best feature that can make your photo shooting experience outclass.

Here we will discuss some of the best features you should consider while planning for a new lens.

Focal Length

The focal length tells you about the angle of an image. The larger the focal length, the smaller the angle-of-view causes higher magnification for a quality image. If the focal length is small, the size of the angle becomes wider and cause lower magnification and create a lower quality image.

Zoom Lens

The Zoom lens is versatile. This is an ultimate feature for capture landscapes and portraits if you want them all in one lens. You should also need to consider how much Zoom range a single lens can provide you for a soft and flawless image. 

Aperture Element

The maximum aperture works typically well in medium lighting conditions. An aperture requires good lighting condition or high image stabilization for a great quality photo. You should need to look at which aperture size is best for your camera.

FAQ About the Best Travel Lens for Sony a6000

What is an APS-C sensor?

APS-C sensor is known as Advanced Photo System.

The APS-C sensor with approx. Three-dimension use in DSLR and mirrorless camera results in a diverse angle of view and focal length.

The APS-C format is equivalent to the super motion film picture, contains a dimension of 24.89mm x 18.66mm.

What is bokeh mode?

Bokeh is a photographic term that describes the out-of-focus area of an image.

In photographic term bokeh highlight the quantity and quality of blur image.

How to adjust the depth of field?

Using f stop, you can select the depth of field.

When the aperture is wide with a smaller f-stop number, causes the focal spot to be focused. Change the distance from the focal point and move closer toward the main focal spot. Choose the focal length according to your desire, and you are good to go.

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