Best Handheld Ham Radio For Survival

The ham radio is beneficial outdoors or in emergencies. If there is no other communication method available, then having the best handheld ham radio for survival. In an emergency, many traditional forms of communication may be interrupted due to excessive use.

Communication is essential. In an emergency, communication is critical. Regional disasters will weaken our communication skills. Recent events have exposed us how we can quickly lose cell phone service, the Internet, and even traditional telephone service. In this case, maintaining communication with your family and friends must become the top priority.

The best handheld ham radio for survival is one that suits your needs. There are many different brands, styles, and frequencies to pick from. You will need to do some research before you make your purchase to know which one is the best fit for your family’s needs. When selecting the right handheld ham radio, here are a few things to keep in mind: Does it have enough channels? Do you want to voice or data capability? Do you want an LCD screen or just audio feedback? What type of battery does it use? Can I charge my phone off of it? These are all questions that need to be answered before deciding what will work best for your situation.

When a regional disaster occurs, ham or amateur radio can provide the best and most reliable communication. Handheld ham radio is ideal for this purpose. The handheld HAM radio is Battery powered, without wires and other support systems.

What Is Ham Radio, And What Does It Have To Do With Survival Or Outdoor Activities?

Amateur radio is a radio operated by inexperienced radio personnel. FCC-Federal Communications Commission allocates frequencies that can use on the radio to amateur users.

The following detailed information will help you find the best handheld ham radio for survival:


Can you name a pleasant living environment where the weather is lovely, and you will not fall into a harsh environment? I bet you won’t find anything! Some good ham radios are high in functionality but lack weather resistance. I prefer to go for something that can withstand dust and water, and other elements. It would help if you also considered this.

Additional Light Source

In the case of survival, you will most likely carry a flashlight. However, if your portable ham equips with an integrated flashlight, it will not cause harm. This is not a requirement!

Many manufacturers will not include flashlights to provide some additional features to help such SHTF situations.

Coverage And Range of The Ham Radio

In the case of survival, coverage and scope are critical. This is where frequency comes into play. Your handheld ham radio should have VHF and UHF frequencies. But frequency alone cannot solve the problem. There are more.

The antenna and power output are also critical. Although most handheld hams can provide you with VHF and UHF frequencies, some will not provide high power output, while others may lack the antenna part. You don’t need to get all the functions in a single piece of equipment. Sometimes, you may have to purchase a high-gain antenna separately.

List of Top-Rated Handheld Ham Radio For Survival

Here we provide you the list of the best handheld ham radio survival. Maybe these are that walkie-talkie you required.

  1. TYT MD-UV380
  2. Retevis RT28
  3. Radioddity GD-77
  4. BaoFeng UV-82
  5. BTECH UV-5X3
  6. Kenwood TK-3402U16P

All the above things manufacture high-quality materials. Radio is the choice of amateurs. However, even if you may be an amateur, you still need to obtain a license to use Ham Radio for broadcasting. You cannot use it for any commercial purpose. The right is easy to get.


TYT has established itself as a true competitor in the handheld and mobile Ham radio markets. It first attracted my attention through mobile radio broadcasting. Over the years, I installed the TYT-9800 tri-band radio in a car. Facts have proved that it is sturdy and reliable. But this is another comment.

Firstly, TYT-MD-UV 380 is a fully functional handheld Ham radio. Secondly, It contains many new digital ham radio functions, becoming more and more popular among Ham radio operators. If you must have DMR digital capabilities, this may be the radio you should meet the survival handheld radio needs.

DMR is an acronym for Digital Mobil Radio. Because, This technology makes use of the latest innovations and combines ham radio technology with the Internet. When you can access the DMR relay station, you can communicate with other DMR radios worldwide. Your radio transmission will be converted into a digital signal and sent over the Internet to all other DMR stations in the network. It will rebroadcast over the radio.

In many ways, this technology is excellent. Still, this technology will not bring you many benefits in a real emergency, especially when the Internet is interrupted or you cannot use DMR. In the case of a repeater. However, TYT MD-UV 380 deserves a place on our list. Digital functions and a complete list of parts make TYT MD-UV 380 a place in our list of “Best Digital Survival Handheld Ham Radio.”


  • Digital and analog Combined
  • 3000 programmable channels and up to 100,000 contacts
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • FCC Certified
  • 5 watts of output power
  • Long-lasting 2000mAh battery
  • Easy operation
  • High-resolution screen

Retevis RT28

Retevis RT28

Retevis RT28 is a low-cost business walkie-talkie option, very suitable for users who only need to use it in a small area. It has a good feature set and moderate battery life and battery life. If you run a small business or restaurant, or work in a nursing home or school, Retevis RT28 will serve you. In other words, overall, the price of the RT28 bundle is very reliable because it also includes four intercom handsets, making hands-free communication extremely easy.

Retevis RT28 is an FR’s walkie-talkie, designed for affordable and easy to use. Therefore, The RT28 bundle comes with a belt clip, emergency alarm, and a walkie-talkie handset. When paired with Vox technology, it can easily use hands-free.

Lithium-ion batteries power Retevis RT28, and good battery life is about 10-12 hours of use. If you only use these features occasionally, they can use for a few days without paying. The RT28 won’t surprise you, but the battery life is stable in terms of price.

The radio can work in digital and analog modes, but GPS only works digitally. Digitally, it can also send GPS text messages. Thus, It is weatherproof with IP67 level. It is dustproof and waterproof. Even after putting it in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, it will remain functional.

It has a fascinating solo function, and if you haven’t used the device for some time, it will sound an alarm. RT28 is a dual-band two-way radio, which means it can transmit in two different frequency bands. So, The allowed frequency bands are VHF and UHF. The RT28 is an excellent walkie-talkie; you should be best suited to meet your specific needs.


  • It comes with IP67 weatherproofing
  • The unique lone worker function
  • Allows freely calling
  • Supports single group and all calls
  • The integrated VOX will enable hands-free operation
  • Both keyboard and password lock
  • Computer programmable

Radioddity GD-77

Radioddity GD-77

The GD-77 is a 5w dual-band (UHF / VHF) portable DMR device with dual-mode capability that can use as an FM or DMR Tier II analog transceiver. The two-line LCD screen allows two zones to appear on the LCD screen, allowing for any combination of analog and digital channels.

Furthermore, The frequency range is VHF 136-174 and UHF 400-470 MHz. My OTA audio reports are good, and the analog power levels were very respectable. Power displays just below 5W nominal on a calibrated Bird Termaline wattmeter Review these Emergency Whistles.

The sensitivity of the receiver is excellent in both digital and analog. I noticed that the Channel Clear tone does not sound at the right time. Thus, When using a repeater, the technique does not say when a station finishes transmitting but after the incoming repeater signal drops.

The radio has a powerful 1-watt audio amplifier that produces enough volume to be heard even in the loudest places. Although perfectly readable, I found the audio on the high side, with no low-frequency response. The included dual-band antenna is 6.5 “(16.5cm), a fairly standard size for a handheld, and terminates with an SMA-Male connector.

The GD-77 case has a solid feel. It weighs 9.0 ounce (254 g) with the Battery and antenna attached. In fact, The battery release is at the top of the radio, and the Battery slides down to remove. Along with the PTT, there are also three programmable buttons. One on the top and two on the left side. Each can program with two of the 15 possible options.


  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Charger base requires 12vdc
  • Programming cable
  • Two-color LCD
  • Dual-band antenna
  • Solid case
  • Three programmable buttons
  • Powerful audio
  • Receiver sensitivity

BaoFeng UV-82

BaoFeng UV-82

The BaoFeng Portable Ham Radio is a high-power dual-band radio with 136-174mhz on VHF and 400-520mhz on UHF channels. This is an amateur two-way portable radio for inexperienced radio users.

This BaoFeng Portable Ham Radio is a US dealer who is authorized to fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty. BaoFeng warranty claims do not require anything to ship to China. Besides, This radio has high settings for VHF at 8 watts, and UHF is 7 watts. It has a frequency range of 65-108 MHz for VHF and 136-174 MHz for UHF.

The manufacturer of BaoFeng offers its customers helpful tips and guides on its website or But, This puts extreme value on the purchase of this portable ham radio. The receiver of this radio offers a menu that displays “LCD” on the function screen. It also says “BCLO” to show the channel’s busy channel lock.

Additionally, This is my favorite radio to carry every day. One of these goes in my backpack when I leave the house. The homecoming bags for our vehicles are all equipped with a BaoFeng BF-8HP. I bought my first BaoFeng radio when my store was open, and it was my first ham radio. I updated every time BaoFeng released a newer and better model.

You can also adjust to your favorite FM radio station. This may seem strange, but remember that emergency planners in most cities and states will depend on FM stations to deliver emergency information. So, This can be an advantage Check this Survival Shovel.


  • Handheld receive is a dual-band
  • programming guides and tips available online
  • display function menu LCD
  • Authorized BaoFeng distributor
  • Available in 5 colors



This is a ham radio-ready by BTECH. It is a 5-watt three-band radio for VHF and 1.25 UHF. This ham radio has a dual-band antenna, 220 antenna, charger, earphone, and many more accessories.

As the sole official distributor of BaoFeng & BTECH, BaoFeng Tech will acknowledge any official warranty offered by the manufacturer. Moreover, BaoFeng extends any warranty claim without having to ship anything to China first. To guarantee a full US warranty, please make sure to make your purchase option with BaoFeng first.

You can directly delete/add all channels on this radio from the menu for scanning. Also, The frequency is tri-frequency, and the DTMF frequency is displayed. Unfortunately, The monitoring range is the selectable frequency of the shock, recovery, check, and termination modes used to decode the remote display of the ANI input.

This handheld radio has excellent value beyond its price. The kit you purchased contains many accessories, including UV-5X3 handheld radio, a 500 mAh battery, and a dual-band V-85 antenna. Therefore, You will also obtain a single-band 220 MHz antenna Ch-5 charger, 110V, CH-5 adapter, wrist strap, user manual, belt clip, and earpiece kit.

The high price of these small radios makes this possible. Thus, There is no cheaper way to enter a handheld ham radio than BaoFeng UV-5R. Just because they are cheap does not mean you have to give up functionality, reliability, or functionality.


  • Complete USA warranty
  • Frequency is tri-band
  • All-in-one antenna options
  • Busy mode channel lockout
  • Includes everything you need to get started

Kenwood TK-3402 U16P

Kenwood is one of my famous ham radio brands. Their equipment is hard to beat in any available configuration. My ham station has a Kenwood high-frequency radio. Please use it regularly. The quality of the handheld Ham radio is also unaffected.

Firstly, Kenwood TH-d74A is our first choice. Secondly, Before you check the price, I will warn you that this is not a cheap radio. It does not even qualify as an affordable radio. However, if the radio you want has features not typically found in handheld Ham radios, then this is the choice you want. I want to add TH-d74A to my Ham radio. There is no doubt that this is the “Best Ultimate Survival Handheld Ham Radio” I chose.

Furthermore, Kenwood radio is a device with high-performance GPS. It also has a wideband setting with multi-mode reception and an automatic clock. The display screen is TFT transflective color. Due to the high-performance IF filtering function of SSB / CW / AM, Kenwood radio’s reception performance improve. So, It has DSP-based audio processing and recording. Bluetooth conforms to the standards of micro SD and USB.

Not only get digital and analog radio functions, including compatibility with the D-Star digital radio system. Kenwood TH-d74A also has a built-in GPS location receiver that allows you to use the advanced packet reporting system APRS to automatically send location information to Other radios equipped with these functions.


  • GPS logger functions
  • Built-in TNC means direct GPS communications with no external or extra equipment needed
  • Stand-alone digipeater functions
  • Computer programmable
  • MIL-STD810 weatherproofing
  • High capacity battery for extended operation
  • Multiple power modes
  • Dual receive function
  • 1000 memory channels
  • Nine scan modes

Buyers Guide About Best Handheld Ham Radio For Survival

Here we describe some essential attributes that might help you find the desired handheld ham radio to survive.  


Frequency bands are allocated amateur radio stations and are available on a frequency spectrum called shortwave. Although many amateur radios give differently, the frequency bands have opened up for their use.

Many Of These Bands Are The Same All Over The World. However, They May Vary Depending On The Region Or Country Where The Amateur Radio User Locates.

Battery Life

You want to make sure that the battery life of the ham radio is long enough. You don’t want to use it in the wild but deplete it in the process of transmitting messages.


Sometimes, the Ham radio may connect to the USB port of the computer. However, they do not relate to the Internet. The handheld radio’s purpose is to provide usable communication during power/internet outages in emergencies. The ham radio connects to the antenna via radio waves.

Sound Quality

This is a critical function of the handheld radio. When trying to communicate with emergency first responders, good sound quality is required.


When you buy a handheld Ham radio, you will need an excellent technical support department. The manufacturer of the radio needs to provide any support necessary to operate the radio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ham radio mean?

Answer: Amateur radio is another term for amateur radio. This common hobby can bring communication, electronic equipment, and people together. You can use the Ham Radio to talk to friends in towns, and you can also communicate with people from other continents. You can even visit and chat with people in space. Without the help of the Internet or mobile phone, everything you can do is fascinating. Most importantly, in an emergency, the ham radio may be a lifeline, especially when all other communication forms disappear.

What does the ham in the ham radio stand for?

Answer: “Amateur radio” is a popular term referring to amateur radio. It comes from the “ham” nicknamed amateur radio operators. It wasn’t until around 1920 that it spread widely throughout the United States and became popular in English-speaking countries/regions.

What is the best ham radio for beginners?

Answer: BaoFeng UV 82HP is the best ham radio for beginners. In the buyer’s guide, it is listed as our No. 2 ham radio. Among the top 5 beginner handheld Ham radios, it scored 4.5/5.

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